That Time When Noah Kagan Stayed At My House.


Over the last decade, I’ve dedicated myself to learning more about digital marketing and how to growth hack a newly formed start-up. I was inspired by people like Noah Kagan and Tim Ferris and felt like I wanted in on the action.A pivotal moment for me was when Noah Kagan stayed at my house for a couple of days when he came to New Zealand. It was a learning lesson in a couple of ways. I had...

Anthony Close

A relentless visionary, Anthony has led Lab Me from garage-mode to a fine tuned operation. He studied under Clayton Christenson from Harvard Business School. At MIT Anthony studied “AI & Implications in Business”. At Johns Hopkins he completed a course in biostatistics. Anthony is able to code and understand in both Python and AngularJS. Anthony studied Molecular Genetics and Quantitative Chemistry at Purdue University as well as a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Palmer and extensive post-grade studies in chronic pain management. He enjoys skydiving, red wine, and research on consciousness.