The Caveat Of Curiosity


Curiosity is something that we are all born with – it’s how we learn to walk, talk and define the world around us. Unfortunately, it can be snuffed out at an early age by teachers, caretakers, parents and friends. The key trait I believe to be the centerpiece of my growth and vast life experience is – curiosity. Underneath this curiosity you will these sub traits: resilience...

Anthony Close

A relentless visionary, Anthony has led Lab Me from garage-mode to a fine tuned operation. He studied under Clayton Christenson from Harvard Business School. At MIT Anthony studied “AI & Implications in Business”. At Johns Hopkins he completed a course in biostatistics. Anthony is able to code and understand in both Python and AngularJS. Anthony studied Molecular Genetics and Quantitative Chemistry at Purdue University as well as a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Palmer and extensive post-grade studies in chronic pain management. He enjoys skydiving, red wine, and research on consciousness.