The Book, Not The Cover


Rather than make this a formal style “about me” page, it’s about you and how similar we actually are.  Also, it’s a narrative that I would tell my seven year old self – if we could meet again.

When I was young, I realized that if I vividly focused on a moment, it would be forever etched into the book of my conscious.  Throughout my life I have bookmarked areas that are just but dreams after I have awoke.

I would say…

Listen in the moment, just for observance because later you will realize that the moments that stick out – were the moments clearly showing you what was to come.  

Intuition is forged from a skilled blend of emotion and logic obtained by a mass of novel experiences. 

By way of experience both comfortable and uncomfortable, this is mastered.  You don’t know dark without the light and you don’t know balance without unleveling.  Without a broad width of novel experiences – we can not harness our full power of intuitive intelligence.

However, to have is harder than to control. 

Harnessing the horses of the mind are as taming horses in the wild.  They are of their own accord created by lack of discipline, routine, and planning.  They lack one true master and to each their own.

These are the conflicts of many young people with wild dreams, ideas and visions.  A struggle between imagination and society.  Many relinquish their abstract neurological processing only to adopt a pre-made, template of thinking easily purchased from parent, teachers, family and more.  Usually, because these template are free, easy to simply accept and consistently updated by their developers..  

However, later in life, when introspection begins to develop (between 13-19) there are a few in life that challenge that status quo and the battle begins.  

Going against conventional thought is a nice meme but those who know – understand its a war with deep emotional and physical impact. 

However, unorthodox contemplation coupled with critical thinking is your edge.  Couple that with insatiable curiosity and you will live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

We learn via trial and error. 

Often the error halts the program inside our code and limits further experimentation.   Sometimes this is for the best and sometimes not.  Often, we lack the internal rules to know the difference between safe/unsafe and dangerous/surviving.  Again, compliments of the templates handed out to us for free during our early years.

Some were lucky enough to have Carl Jung types as parents but most weren’t.  Critical thinking is the enigma machine used by the voices that will empower humanity.  Learning to use that machine allows you access into playing field occupied by opportunity.   

Unfortunately, as the metaphor conveys – its a complex cryptographic message that has escaped the thought processes of many – including many of the worlds most powerful people.

You will fail, some of you will fail big time – in fact some of you will have already failed to a point of what you would consider the proverbial “point of no return”.

We all fail.  Anyone saying otherwise is a red flag.

Next, is not to self-deprecate but yet encourage.  Use it as a north star metric- “If he can, you can.”  

I have been told, “you will never enter university due to poor SAT and high school grades, never obtain a doctorate and that you might consider the military.”

None the less, I believe the current education system is harmful.  We make something of ourselves from self-eduction.

I love learning but what I love and enjoy. Those experiencing a wide-range of subject matter, experience and cultures are the MBA’s of tomorrow. 

Formal education builds a foundation yet your own hustle, personal learning, out-the-box experiences and cultural development will be the framework upon that foundation for the skyscraper to be built.

To you, my future children and the seven year old me…

The mass adopted, current education system (speaking primarily about USA system) is simply wrong and damaging.  However, for the record, I did prove my advisors wrong.  If you really want to know what I ended up doing with my education – feel free to look here & say hi.

My advice to those in high school now is this:  if you want to be a scientist or doctor – do it.  Academics is you, it will always be in you and truth – the world needs you.

If you suck at school – get an internship doing what you love immediately and do it with all your heart mind and soul and be the absolute best.  

Then build your empire.  I won’t lie it’s going to be the hardest struggle you can imagine.  But you know, like me, thats what we live and die for.  We don’t fit in – we fight – we are resilient.

This is why resilience wins for you and I.

If you are the type – have a look at this book: Punished By Rewards.  The science of how gold stars, the grading system, incentive and reward – hurt us and how to do it a better way.

Struggle will show you who you really are. 

The following isn’t for bragging – instead for your encouragement and to prove if you want it – you can usually get it.

No matter the set back, you can always rebuild beyond where it fell apart – this I personally promise.

I have lost everything I owned 3 times and rebuilt with little financial support.  I have made mistakes that have cost me freedom, family funerals, and friendships.  I have been selfish.  Truth be told – it never ends – we just become more refined and the more I grow as a man – the more cognizant I become of my own shortcomings.

But more importantly, I become cognizant that all of those shortcomings are my fault.

However, within those mistakes, I have gained insight.  Insight far stronger, deeper, and impactful – than those who have never been turned into ashes by way of their own fire.

I’ve lost freedom for greed.

I’ve fractured my neck (C1 and C7) and rehabilitated myself to the tune of a 3% survival rate.  

I have been robbed while in a halo neck brace, had people I trusted steal a product built over 3 years stolen from me, been marginalized for past mistakes of childhood, set up by close friends and been forced to take punishments for crimes I did not commit.

But let me make this clear – every outcome in your life is your fault.  Oh crazy thought right?  Tough one to grasp.

This is hard to fully comprehend especially when the scenario becomes dark, but you must differentiate between fair and choice.   Some of our choices, lead to things that are unfair, even unfair to the worst imaginable outcome.

This again isn’t for bravado – its a symbolistic message to us.

Suggestions or symbolic messages shape beliefs that in turn affect our physical well being.

After you have lived at the bottom and also the top – you have a deeper perspective.  You have experience which begets knowledge and that knowledge isn’t age related. 

Be real – you’ve messed up.  Maybe it was public, maybe not, but remember this – you pushed boundaries and did something which took bravery on some level. If you didn’t succeed, what did you learn?  Not learning from a mistake is called a failure.  Otherwise, it was simply a mistake.

Mess-ups I am speaking about are within moralistic logic – but if you have transcendent thinking beyond “good/bad” then those of you will know I am saying this to be somewhat politically correct.

Some mistakes don’t deserve applause.  Yet, learning from them and permanently applying the lesson leads to change and true change is a trophy reserved for the gods of men.

Make mistakes, it is how you learn.  You learn through the life cycle of mistake, analysis, correction and improvement; then you repeat.

Your life is a story, an ongoing book and when you do it right – it doesn’t have an ending.  It endures past death.

Let’s continue to learn – keep the finger on the pulse of innovation.  More importantly stay childishly curious because thats how you will grow & experience this life for all its worth.

‘Samuel Ullman said, “The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.’

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Anthony Close

A relentless visionary, Anthony has led Lab Me from garage-mode to a fine tuned operation. He studied under Clayton Christenson from Harvard Business School. At MIT Anthony studied “AI & Implications in Business”. At Johns Hopkins he completed a course in biostatistics. Anthony is able to code and understand in both Python and AngularJS. Anthony studied Molecular Genetics and Quantitative Chemistry at Purdue University as well as a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Palmer and extensive post-grade studies in chronic pain management. He enjoys skydiving, red wine, and research on consciousness.